Infusion Altar

The infusion altar is a multiblock structure added by Thaumcraft 4 that is used to infuse items and vis into an object to create another. Infusion in Thaumcraft 4 is 100% different than in Thaumcraft 3 making it more challenging.


When using the Infusion Altar, there are some things to note, the Arcane Pedestal in the center is where you put the object that is being infused. the outer pedestals are used for the objects that are going to be infused into the center object. Vis for infusion now comes from Warded Jars instead of a Crucible. This can be done by the way of Essentia Tubes or by a Golem with a Golem Animation Core (Alchemy).

More information can be found at Tutorial:Infusion (Thaumcraft 4)


to setup the altar first you will need to research it in your Thaumonomicon. Afterwards you will need some Arcane Stone Blocks and Arcane Stone Bricks which are crafted like so:

Arcane Stone Block

  • In quantities of 9

Arcane Stone Brick

After these have been made you need 2 more items:

Runic Matrix

Arcane Pedestal

  • pedestal texture may be incorrect

Once these requirements have been finished a mystical construct must be conducted. Place the blocks in this configuration: You will also need 25 of wach type of vis in your wand To complete the construct simply right-click the Runic Matrix with your filled wand.