Force Sapling

Force Sapling
Item Force Sapling.png

Force Sapling

Name Force Sapling
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod DartCraft

A Force Sapling is acquired by right clicking a placed Oak Sapling with a Force Rod. The sapling will grow into a Force Tree. You can leave it to grow on its own or you can right-click it with Bone Meal to grow it faster. Upon removing all the Force Logs, the Force Leaves will start to decay. The leaves will drop either Force Saplings or Force Nuggets.

The saplings themselves have been tested to be compatible with the Steve's Carts mod in order to achieve automation, and doing so requires the Tree Exotic module to be used when creating the cart. They do not work with Planters though.

With Forestry installed, the Force Logs can be used in a Squeezer to produce Liquid Force, which can be stored in a liquid storage tank or used by Force Engines or a Force Infuser.