Creeper Collateral

Creeper Collateral
Author(s) denoflions
Version 2.0.3
Minecraft Version 1.5.2
Website Author's Dropbox
Forum Minecraft forums
Mod Type Core Libraries
Mod Pack(s)

Feed The Beast Unleashed

Properties File CreeperCollateral.cfg

Creeper Collateral exposes the rate at which explosions drop block items in a config file. In Vanilla Minecraft the rate is 0.3 (which means that there is a 30% chance that a block that has been blown up by a creeper pops to the ground, and is recoverable). This mod sets the default to 1.0 so no block is ever completely destroyed by a creeper. This does not nerf player' explosion damage in any way.

The config file is located in ModpackInstallationFolder/minecraft/config/denoflionsx/CreeperCollateral

Explosion Comparison[edit]

Vanilla creeper explosion: http://i.imgur.com/Yc86fHB.png

Creeper Collateral explosion: http://i.imgur.com/WGo5ucF.png