Basic Aura Manipulation

Basic Aura Manipulation allows the creation of the Crystal Core, which in turn allows the user to move aura nodes from their original locations.

The core must be used in conjunction with obsidian totem blocks, which spawn naturally in the terrain nearby existing nodes, before it will be able to move nodes. To create the construct you must place 4 totem pillars spaced a block apart in a square formation, with each pillar two blocks high and unobstructed at the top of each. By placing the core between all 4 pillars and right clicking with a Wand of the Thaumaturge (much like the infernal furnace) the construct will activate, drawing any aura node within 24 blocks to the core's present location.

Note: this process is very slow and drains the local aura whilst also generating flux. Bear in mind this aura depletion is not permanent.

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"You have discovered the secret to moving aura nodes. Unfortunately, it has proven quite difficult and expensive.

You first need to create a crystal core. This fragile, but magically charged structure is capable of bending the aura around it. For now you will simply use it to draw nodes towards it.

Crystal Cores are very fragile and you must make sure to place them in the correct spot the first time. When broken they shatter into their component parts and need to be rebuilt.

Once you have constructed a crystal core, you need to place it amidst four Obsidian Totems. You have been unable to duplicate the construction of these arcane structures, but they can be found dotted across the countryside. It is unknown who or what placed them, but they are usually found near an aura node.

Once the crystal core and totems have been placed a wave of your wand is all that is needed to activate the core. It will slowly draw the closest node within 24 blocks to itself with the end position of the node being the same as where you placed the crystal core.

While the node is being moved it will slowly lose vis and flux will steadily build. The vis loss is not permanent."

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Infusion Altar

Mixed Crystal Cluster
Mixed Crystal Cluster
Nether Star
Mixed Crystal Cluster
Mixed Crystal Cluster

Crystal Core
50 Vis
Wand of the Apprentice
0 Vis

Research Aspects required
Basic Aura Manipulation

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